Resources for Churches

Be a “Recovery Friendly” Church

Non judgmental, if you are bless to have someone share their struggles with addiction and they are reaching out to you… hopeless, broken, embarrass, guilt ridden, beaten, homeless and hurting are just a few words that describe their physical and emotional state that their journey in life has led them.  Only two words will do to become a Recovery Friendly Church,  Welcoming and Loving. At this time in their life you may represent the face of Jesus. 

Host A Support Group

There are several faith based recovery programs available for Churches to host.  Many Churches offer 12 Steps programs like AA and NA meetings.  If you do choose to host a meeting look into hosting a meeting on a night when there isn’t another meeting going on in your community. Meetings are the support group and sometimes the lifeline for someone in recovery. 

Have Information on Recovery Community Resources 

To find local information there maybe a community resource guide, your State’s website and the National organizations listed here may be able to help you.

For Pastor’s and Leadership

Educational Resources to Learn More About Addiction

Host a No Wake Zone Concert

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